Aradhana Mahotsavam 2016 – Educare Centre Offering


Our dearest Swami,

Thank you for giving us the chance to be active workers in Your Divine mission. Many of us came into Your mission as children, teenagers and young adults…Working as a team that slowly grew into a family, we enjoyed and also struggled through the lessons that You, our Mahaguru, planned for each one of us, even as we planned lessons for our students in the sai spiritual classes.

In our spiritual education that You lovingly craft, You repeatedly teach us one important lesson – that You are in our highest as well as our lowest moments, that You are in all our brothers and sisters who toil alongside us, that You are in the faces of the children we teach, the people we serve, the bhajan that we sing, the difficulties that we face, the pain that we undergo…You are everywhere and in everything…

Thank you for granting us Your divine Padanamaskar in 1997. We still remember sitting in rows in Sai Kulwant Hall just as Your sevadals in Prashanti sat to receive your blessings on completing their service. As each of us touched Your Feet, and gazed at your radiant face, we heard You say ‘Very Happy, Very Happy’…For accepting us as your sevadals, Swami, we are deeply grateful.

Thank you, Swami, for blessing us with interviews in 2001, when You spent time with the Singapore group. You showed us that You knew each one of us completely, when You inquired about our lives and made us laugh as You pointed out the simple truths in life – Yellaam Shivamayam…All is Shiva. Indeed our Spiritual Master, You taught us not only the meaning of the Gayathri mantra, You showed us how to chant the Gayathri correctly. You inspired us with Your words of wisdom…what we cannot remember with our memories, You have planted in our hearts….

Thank you Swami for letting us perform in Your physical presence on Your 80th birthday. Sitting in the Sai Kulwant Hall, we danced and sang the words of the Dikir Barat — Swami, Swami, we love You so, Bhagawan Baba, You mean so much to us….
That day, You filled our hearts with so much joy with Your loving smile and abhayahasta.

Swami, You know there were times when we despaired, when tests and challenges seemed almost too much to bear but You were right there with us instructing us within our hearts, step by step to hold onto your teachings, to hold onto You…to continue to see You in all.

When You decided to leave the physical form, the sweet form that would, in an instant, fill our hearts with joy, Swami, we are not ashamed to say, we cried…our tears flowed not because we loved You only in the physical form, we cried as children would cry letting go the mother whose constant thought was Her children’s wellbeing…we forgot temporarily that a mother is never away from her children… Divine Love cannot disappear ….we are thankful that You have faith in us that we will grow through this, another one of your beautifully crafted lessons and continue to be active workers, now working alongside with You, truly understanding that You are indeed above us, beside us, below us, behind us – You are indeed everywhere.

When we look back in this life we see You quietly and surely weaving divinity into our lives. When we look forward we see our lives firmly centred around Divinity.
When we look into our lives now, even as we speak, we feel heartfelt joy and deep gratitude for Your immense grace and constant presence then, now and forever.

Thank you dearest Swami, we love You.


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