Tribute to Mr SR Nathan


Tribute to Mr SR Nathan

Om Sai Ram.

On 26th August 2016 we paid tribute to Mr SR Nathan, who in his service to the nation, exemplified values such as commitment to the nation, compassion for all and courage in stepping up to do the right thing.

We thank Swami for blessing the nation with individuals such as Mr SR Nathan. In the way he lived his life, he showed all what it means to be a man of character. He truly epitomises Swami’s words – ‘the end of education is character’. Mr SR Nathan’s life has demonstrated that it is not merely academic credentials that decide one’s position in life; indeed, it is human values that empower and qualify a person to live life successfully.

Much has been said about Mr Nathan’s various contributions to the nation. His biggest contribution may be that he has taught all an important lesson – to judge not by the size, colour, educational qualifications but by the will and the heart.

We thank Swami for giving us the chance to learn from such an individual, from this lion heart who has inspired Singapore, the lion city, to rise above all differences and to see only oneness.


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