For Your Sake Only

An inspirational message given to Seema M. Dewan April 4th 2011 11:05 am U.S. time, 8:35 pm India time

From My own self this Universe is born. I create a movement while remaining stationed in My truth and this movement projects Myself as the many. In all this “many” I alone exist, I alone do, I alone create, I alone destroy… I create both sides of the picture only for both sides to return to Me. To Me no one is the other… no one is close and afar… no one is mine nor not mine… all are the same whatever their form… whatever their function… I am fully immersed in them. From the most intelligent to the stone can all exhibit My presence if I will it to be. I am beyond the intellect… beyond emotion… beyond thought and beyond love any one’s body, mind, heart, and intellect can ever experience. Whatever you experience is a minute glimpse of My expansiveness.

Don’t cry… don’t ever fear, have faith- ALWAYS… in what I have said to you. I am indestructible… I have come for your sake and I will NEVER leave you. I am always at work for you alone. You are My breath; You are the reason why I have taken upon Myself a mortal body… you are the reason of My joy… You are My children and I am always your mother. I will never let any harm come upon you… and I will never take away Myself from you. I have come to spend every moment to love you and show you the reality of your own self.

Everywhere today there is suffering due to immorality. The mind of man is slowly destroying his own peace. Even the innocent have suffered due to some that have ignored the call of the atma (soul) within. But I am still the Mother of all. Both are My children, one I need to protect, and the other I need to correct.

The name of the Divine when chanted frees the negative energy that continuously hovers over the world today. I am always in bliss even when my body undergoes turmoil. I do not feel pain… I only remember you… your safety… and I remain in bliss. You remember Me most in times of trouble. But how can I give you trouble? I am your Mother. I always look for your welfare. To see one tear of yours makes me rush to be by your side. I am always by your side. You are not able to see Me for your eyes look for this world.

You are nothing but Me. To drive away the negative energy you must remember the name of God. That is why I have taken upon Myself this sickness. You remember Me… pray and remain in a clean pure frame of mind by that. Just by that positive energy emanates from you and all the troubles and catastrophes that you or your loved ones are about to face are washed out.

As for Me the ailment of the body is nothing. You endure pain when you see Me like this and from it you derive strength in order to pray, love, unite, and do the right thing. That is all that I want for your sake. Your peace lies in goodness alone.

Don’t worry about Me. Remember I am always with you. You are My breath. Only for my children will I continue to live in this body. Even the siblings who fight come together when the Mother’s body is ailing. I want to see you united with love for each other with complete unity and have faith that you are under the umbrella of My protection.

I bless you… now and forever!