Sharing the last few days with our Beloved Bhagwan
Received by Seema M. Dewan

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Sai Ram,

This is His Divine Sankalpa. He had told me last Saturday at 4 o’clock that He was exerting His Divine Sankalpa from then. At that time, I interpreted it that He will be fighting the illness and coming back. Now I realize His health fell from that time. I had a darshan of Him on Thursday morning at about 9 AM US time. As I went towards His chair He was sitting with the strangest expression on His face which I had not seen before. “Look”, He said to me, “the Universe is entering Me now”. His eyes were shining like a million bulbs. He usually jokes with me as to what I ate and this is the first time He seemed more than serious, I felt a fear in me and dismissed it and told Him, “Swami, You are talking very differently to me today”. He then looked at me very softly, and said, “Do you know how much I love you?” He was reaching toward me at that point when I told Him, “Swami, stop being so serious with me”. I think He had left His body then and His heart was just made to be kept alive until Sunday. He then came to me on Thursday aftrenoon, completely different. He was like He looked when He was seventeen, and He said to me, “How old do I look?” I laughed and said, “Very young, Swami”. And He said, “Younger than you?”. The kids were sitting by Me at that time and could not not see Him like I did. He asked them to put all their three heads to His lap (to them it was the sofa) and He stroked their heads. He then asked my son, Karan, “Who were Lord Krishna’s three best freinds?” Karan replied, “Swami, I think it was Sudama, Arjuna, and Uddhava”. Swami said, “No,no, not Uddhava, it was Karna”. Then He looked at my other son, Krishna and said, “Look, Karna and Krishna are best friends”. In our interview 1999, He asked the same question “What is the relation between Karna and Krishna?” I had told Him “I do not know, Swami”. He had said, in a very soft tone, “I will tell you later”. And He did, after so many years, in our very own home. He then looked at my son, Krishna, and said, “Who is Krishna’s best friend?”, and my son Krishna replied, “My brother, Swami, Karan”. Swami looked at him in a naughty, scolding manner, and said, “Hahh…Lord Krishna does not have friends, he is always a friend to others”. He then asked them to perform arati. He returned again at about 6 o’clock when my husband returned home from work. He asked my husband to do His arati.

He came to me on Friday morning and showed me a very disturbing vision. Swami was standing tall almost from the Earth to the sky. There was panic everywhere and people were running in all directions. There were gusts of wind and dust swirling around Swami. Swami was dark blue-black in His complexion. His eyes were closed and He was standing tall. Suddenly, His eyes did not open but in the area of His eyes a bright light shone. The light spread to all the quarters where the devotees were running in panic. Suddenly the dusty wind was only orbiting around Swami, and it seemed like a thick black cloud of dust. All I could see was the bright light from His eyes and the dust around Him. That to me now seems the vision of death of His body that He tried to show me. He also showed me the panic among His devotees and the reassuring Divine Light that He would always protect them.

He then came to me Saturday morning with the message, “A Miracle…to Come”. He gave it to me early in the morning but did not allow me to share it until 9 am. He promised me there was a Golden Era yet to come. Of couurse, I thought at that point that He will re-enter the body. Swami never explains things clearly but makes sure His work gets done. He told me at that point that these three messages, “For Your Sake Only”, “Everything is Possible”, and “A Miracle…to Come” would be the last regarding His health, and that they would always be a comforting tool in the hands of His devotees. He also instructed me to ask Ted and Jody Henry to make a video of His third message.

He had told me in December of 2010, second week of December that His health was not good and that He was getting silent attacks that no one knew of. I starting observing a Friday fast for His health. Strangely enough, my health started deteriorating from that time with kidney infection and a sudden back injury. In the third week of January He came to me on Friday morning and ordered me to stop my fast. He said to me, “You will go if you continue this”. I was stubborn and I told Him, while He stood in my kitchen, “Swami, I am going to do it, and that’s that”. He looked at me and said, “Then I will have to make you hungry”. Sure enough, in a moment I was ravaging food down. I felt a sudden drop in my blood sugar that I had never felt before and I was forced to eat. From that date, I observed only the worship of His feet and gave up the fast.

I could see in “Sai Baba of India” that His darshans were becoming later in the evening. He did not give me any indication of His health after that. In fact whenever I asked Him He said to me, “But I am Myself coming to you all the time”. He had instructed Me to go to the Shirdi Sai Baba temple in Pittsburgh to conduct Abhishekam of His statue and for my sons, Karan , Krishna and Shiv to sing bhajans. He also told me to break nine coconuts at the temple. The children have practiced their bhajans all evening without knowing the tomorrow to come.

I will surely carry out His wish, and even though it is going to be extremely hard for the kids they are going to bring comfort to all the devotees coming tomorrow. We have to be strong. Like Swami told me in many interviews, “I don’t like when you cry. If you cry I will not talk to you any more”. Of course, I have held back all my tears for I want to obey His command today. He has left with me the treasures of several books which I will share with the world. He has instructed me to take Sai Darshan 2 (which has just been completed last week) in my August trip this year.

He has promised that He will continue to speak to me until my last breath. I will continue to share all His words with you. I know many of you will receive Him now in the omniscience, and even though we feel that His work has been left incomplete all of a sudden He has always said to me, He alone protects, He alone knows and He alone shall do. We have to all stand up with courage fully knowing that He is witnessing these moments and is choosing amongst us the heros to come. Please be a hero…To me He will always be there for each one of His children at all times. Please have faith in that and He will communicate with you. We are now to await the third Avatar of Sai that is Prema Sai that has already begun the course of His work in the cosmos. The new era will bring The Golden Age as Swami had promised each of us.

Let us use each moment from now on to spread the message of love and truth that our Beloved Baba lived for. My love to all. Bhagwan is with you right now and has asked me to write this. Please feel free to share this.

Thanking you,

My humble pranams at the Divine Lotus Feet of Bhagwan,
Seema M. Dewan