Why Learn The Vedas

The Sanskrit word veda is derived from the root vid, which means to know. From vid comes vidyaa, which means a work that imparts knowledge. Therefore, veda means knowledge. Vedas are a storehouse of knowledge – both worldly and spiritual knowledge.

When intelligent people belonging to one country discover something relating to nature, that knowledge is for the whole world. So too, the knowledge of the Vedas is universal and should be made available to people all over the world.

Vedas do not give any scope for distinction based on religion or nationality. They have promised to protect all those who follow the Vedic injunctions. Whosoever moves closer to the Vedas, the Vedas (and the Vedic principles) will move closer to them.

The Vedas have extolled the One Universal God with different names. Since our ancient Rishis had no opportunity to present the Vedas from a societal angle, the Vedas have been subject to misconceptions and criticisms. However, if one were to recognise the underlying broader interpretation of the Vedic mantras, then there is no scope at all for misconceptions.

~ Sathya Sai Baba